Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers for a Better Smile

Are you not happy with your smile? You may be able to get a smile you want with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry veneers

Basically, the veneers are thin shells which are attached on the front of the front teeth in order to conceal dental issues which make a tooth look out of shape. Veneers are ideal for the teeth which are misshapen, crooked, misaligned, or have severe stains. The materials they are made of include porcelain and resin. Good thing about veneers is that they can completely resist staining. Modern dentistry has been able to prepare veneers with such texture that they look exactly like real teeth.

Getting the veneers

First, you will need to find the answer of question “are the veneers right for you?”

For this purpose, you will need to look at your dental needs and personal preferences. You may have to visit a veneer dentist to get your teeth evaluated. This way, you will know if you are the right candidate for veneers.

Even if you are eligible, you will need to look at the pros and cons of dental veneers.


  • Veneers have the color which precisely matches that of the natural teeth.
  • The shape and texture of veneers make them look exactly like the real teeth.
  • They are highly resistant to stains.
  • For the application of veneers, you will not require much of the dental structure removed.


  • You might find veneers costly because they are more expensive as compared to crowns and bonding. Moreover, the costs may vary in different dental offices.
  • After getting veneers attached on the teeth, you may feel slight sensitivity. However, this sensitivity will go away in a few days.
  • After you have got the veneers, the treatment cannot be undone because of the change in structure of the natural teeth.

Caring of the dental veneers after application

Good thing is that you can ensure satisfactory longevity of dental veneers by taking good care of them. For this purpose, you are going to have to keep a few things in your consideration.

  • Make sure that you are practicing good oral hygiene. You need to brush and floss your teeth according to the instructions provided by your dentist.
  • Habits which can be harmful for teeth should be avoided. Therefore, you need to avoid biting your nails, chewing on ice and everything which can put unnecessary pressure on your teeth.

To ensure better health of your teeth and veneers, you need to visit your dentist every now and then.


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